Sequences of additional mitochondrial maker genes have been posted.

To provide additional loci that can be used for phylogenetic analysis and molecular identification of isolates, the mitochondrial genes cox2, nad9, rps10 and secY have been sequenced for a wide range of isolates representing essentially all described Phytophthoraspecies (>360 isolates for each gene). Information on amplification and sequencing primers can be found in the “Genetic Markers” section under the “Database” tab and the sequences areavailable for BLAST searches as well as downloading.  A comprehensive multigene phylogenetic analysis with the same isolates used for the nuclear multigene analysis of the genus by Blair et al. (Fungal Genetics & Biology, 2008) and many of the more recently described species is in progress and will be posted once the analysis has been completed.

BLAST analysis of the cox2 locus has been found towork very well for identification of isolates and with this updating of the database there are now sequences for over 930 isolates recovered from a broad geographic area to help insure intraspecific variation is represented in the sequence database.

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