Submission of data

How to submit data

Although comprehensive datasets exist for many species, covering the whole genus with an adequate amount of genotypic and phenotypic data requires contribution from members of the global Phytophthora research community. To facilitate this contribution, the PD provides multiple mechanisms for new and updated data submission. Species information can be created via a web-based form available on the user interface of the PD. In this form, images depicting different stages of the life cycle (e.g., spore morphology and disease symptoms) can be uploaded and linked to the life cycle. To submit data for one or a few isolates, this web-based form should be employed. Researchers who want to submit data for a large number of isolates can use a spreadsheet for organizing data. The curator of the PD will then upload data in the completed form to the appropriate databases. The curator can also work with those researchers possessing additional databases in order to develop a customized means for data transfer. Those who submit unpublished sequence data will have an option of making the data unavailable to the general public until publication. However, prompt release of data is encouraged to increase the functionality of the PD.

Please contact Seogchan Kang ( for more information about data submission.

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